St. James ministry is supported through the generosity and gifts of all those who call this church, "home."

To meet the rising cost of ministry, to help reestablish 2016 pastoral care coverage levels (and prevent burning out our pastor), and to finish our debt reduction effort (we will be debt-free in less than 28 months- freeing up needed resources for future ministry), we are asking that all households consider increasing $5 per week ($260/year). Of course, if you are able to do more, it will help cover those who aren’t able. Your increased pledge will make a difference. If every household responds, not only will we be able to meet the 5% increase in our projected 2019 Mission Budget, we will not need to do Special Offerings throughout the year to close the gap.

Annual Pledges are used by St. James' leaders to plan ministry.   Based on pledges, we will make adjustments to next year's spending plan.  

Thank you for your pledge.  It is important, needed, and greatly appreciated. 

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