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This Lent,

you are invited…

to grow as a child of God.

Our culture teaches that if you work hard enough, smart enough, and long enough you can achieve near-perfection in every aspect of life. It is possible for us to have it all: from vibrant health to functioning family; form attentive friends to productive children; and from financial success to long-term security. So, we search high and low for the right plan, right program, right pill, or right prayer. Frustration sets in when we discover that life is more complicated than the easy answers offered by advertisements, pundits, and celebrities. Somehow, we are never satisfied. We become discouraged and judge ourselves and others for our failures. We might even blame God for not listening or caring.

Pastor Walt has written a daily, 5-minute inspiration series for Lent that invites us to head in a different direction. We will embrace our imperfection and the grace of God.

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