Snow cancellation policy for Confirmation

Confirmation Ministry Snow policy.

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   If schools or after school activities are canceled by ISD 191 (Burnsville) then we are canceled. 

If snow happens after school, then the decision will be made at St. James and posted on the church website.  Parents and small group leaders will also receive a message through REMIND.  If you would like to receive regular confirmation Ministry updates through REMIND then follow this link:

As always, in the case of inclement weather please use your discretion. We want people to be safe at all times.


Adopt-a-Highway & Neighborhood Clean up

Saturday, November 4, 2017

9:00am -11:00am

On Saturday morning, November 4, lend your hands to help clean up the neighborhood.   Bring a rake and work gloves.  We meet at 9:00 a.m. at St. James and will break into work teams.  Some groups will be cleaning up the St. James section of Hwy 5and others will be raking the lawns of neighbors around the church.  

Helping out with this effort is the Confirmation students and small group leaders.  This is the second Fall servant event for Confirmation Ministry.  All students are asked to participate. 



Confirmation Youth To Walk in CROP Walk

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In a response to requests from parents and small group leaders for more service opportunities, this year all youth in Confirmation Ministry will be walking in the South of the River CROP Walk on Sunday, October 8.  The walk starts at 2:00 p.m.  Youth, parents, and small group leaders will gather for registration prior at 1:00 p.m.  We walk to raise awareness within ourselves and the community about hunger related issues.  We walk to raise dollars to support hunger relief efforts (25% will be returned to local hunger organizations).   

This year's walk is the 5th anniversary of the South of the River CROP Walk (the first was held at St. James Lutheran) and will be held at:  St John's Lutheran Church, 20165 Heath Ave., Lakeville, MN 55044                                      

For more information about the walk- Click here.   


Learner Directed Confirmation at St. James

During the 2017-2018 ministry year, St. James will be piloting an innovative approach to Confirmation.   



The purpose of Learner Directed Confirmation (LDC) is to provide a faith formation experience to youth that will encourage within them a desire to be life-long, faith learners.  Faith is not something that you can master in three years; Faith takes a lifetime of questioning, exploring, forming, challenging, and nurturing.  LDC seeks to en-culture within youth the processes, attitudes, and strategies that will equip them for life-long faith formation beyond the day that they affirm their baptismal faith. 

How will it work?

Learner Directed Confirmation small group:

For this pilot, we will gather a group of four to six youth of various ages and an equal number of adults (who are themselves, life-long faith learners).  They will be called the LDC small group.  The LDC small group will meet each week on Wednesday night.   They will do a weekly check-in, share progress on the LDC plans, and salt/light.   Students and adult can choose to work on projects or attend the general confirmation class (if this fulfills one of the requirements or they are interested in the speaker/topic). Once a month, the LDC small group will be serving alongside the general confirmation small groups during the Comfort Meal Pack.  The LDC small group will also participate in the Winter Confirmation Retreat.   

Learner Directed Confirmation plan:

Students will work with parents, LDC adults, and pastor to formulate their ‘LDC Plan’ for meeting the basic learning objectives of Confirmation.  This plan will be unique to the student, incorporating their learning styles, preferences, talents, and interests.  They will work at their own pace and have the freedom to explore learning through reading, art, and projects.Once the student fulfills their established goals as clearly stated in the plan, they will be eligible to affirm their baptismal faith.  It may take two or three years.  It could even take more.  The goal is not to finish confirmation but rather to move at a pace that encultures the student’s life-long faith learning. 

How do I take part? 

A student can elect to become part of LDC at any point.  They will receive credit for work done in the general Confirmation Ministry.  It can easily accommodate students who move into the area during mid-year, and a variety of learning abilities. 

Learner Directed Confirmation special project:

In January, the pastor will assign a book/movie to the LDC small group.  The group of youth and adults will need to work together to formulate a response.  The projects will explore the biblical and theological underpinnings of the work.  Learners can complete projects in smaller groups or as part of the whole group.  Projects will be celebrated and presented to the congregation at large. 

Pilot Evaluation:

St. James will pilot the LDC concept for the Confirmation Ministry year 2017-2018.  This innovative approach is being developed at St. James and to our knowledge has not been done before.  At the end of the year, LDC students, parents, LDC adults, and the pastor will provide an evaluation.  Like we have done with the general Confirmation Ministry, we will build on successes, adjust weaknesses, and make it better together.

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Incoming Confirmation Class Orientation for Parents

Wednesday, September 13

6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Koinonia Room

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Parents of students entering St. James Confirmation Ministry this fall are invited to an Orientation night.  Students in grades 6,7,8, and 9 are all eligible to participate in Confirmation.  Lot's of information will be shared about the many learning opportunities that Confirmation Ministry affords to not only students but to the whole family.  Questions will be answered.  It will help tremendously in making the start of your family's Confirmation experience the best it can be.   


So that we can help plan for the evening - please sign up below. 


Orientation Sign Up

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Safe Guarding God's Children Training for Adults who work with Children/Youth

On Wednesday, September 20, there will be a boundaries workshop/training session for all adults who work with children/youth at St. James.  This annual requirement is part of our commitment to providing a safe place for children and youth to grow in their faith.  All Small Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, and Youth Leaders are asked to attend even if they have had this or similar training before.   The workshop lasts from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. and will be held in the Koinonia Room.  Pastor Walt will be conducting the training this year.  

Confirmation Ministry - Online Registration now open!

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The first step on the path of

Confirmation Ministry 2017-2018

Registration for Confirmation Ministry at St. James has now begun for all students in grades 6 to 9.  All students are asked to fill out a registration form - even if they have taken part in Confirmation before.   

Please register before Rally Day - September 10.   

Classes begin on September 27 at 6:30 - 7:30


A complete schedule for the entire year, a summary of components, and learning objectives can all be downloaded at the St. James website (click here)

Small Group Leader Orientation Night

Small Group Leaders are invited to attend an orientation on the content and learning objectives for the upcoming Confirmation Ministry year 2017-2018.  We will walk through the revisions that came out of the annual review at the end of last year.  We will also look at the Learner Directed Confirmation pilot and how it will integrate with our regular Confirmation Ministry 

Wednesday,  August 23

7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.