Catechism Class: The Lord's Prayer

On February 28th, the Confirmation Ministry will be having the final section of the catechism course on the Lord's Prayer.  Together we will explore the sixth, seventh, and the concluding petitions of the prayer which are:

Save us from the time of trial.

And deliver us from evil.

For the Kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever.  Amen.


These petitions come in a timely manner as we deal with reports of gun violence in schools, atrocities in Syria, and a host of concerns domestic and international.  What does it mean to be kept from a time of trial?  What does it mean to ask God to deliver us from evil?  What should Christians do in the face of evil, sin, and the hurts of the world?  These are very real questions on the hearts of Christians young and old alike.

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