Week Four - Day Three

Today's Luther Fact: 


  May 4, 1521 – Luther is abducted in a staged kidnapping and taken to the Wartburg castle. Here, he is confined to two rooms. He adopts a disguise as a knight, giving up his monastic habit, growing out his hair and a beard, and takes on the name George. The outside world did not know if Luther had survived the kidnapping. Luther stays in the Wartburg for ten months.  At the end of May, the emperor signs the Edict of Worms, calling on all territories of the Holy Roman Empire to banish Luther. Luther becomes an outlaw.


Did You Know? A Survey of Luther's Life; seven weeks of daily Luther facts was researched, compiled, and commented on by Andrew Lewis, S.T.M. who served as Vicar at St. James from 2016-2017.