Did you know? A Survey of Luther's Life: Starts Sunday

andrew lewis.jpg

In preparation for the 500th Commemoration of the Lutheran Reformation on October 31, 2017, St. James will be sharing "Did you know?  A Survey of Luther's Life: seven weeks of daily Luther facts" on its website.  You can log in each day after at 7:49 a.m. for your daily Luther fact.  The research, as well as the commentary, have been prepared by Vicar (soon to be Pastor) Andrew Lewis, S.T.M.   It was one of the last projects that he worked on at St. James and we are thankful for his efforts, scholarship, and wit.  As Andrew will soon begin his public ordained ministry, we keep him in our prayers - thankful for his time and service at St. James.    

Printed copies of each week's of facts will be made available ahead of time on Sunday morning.