St. James' mission calls us to nourish relationships with our neighbors.

From the life, teaching, and meal practices of Jesus, we find the invitation to reach out in love toward the neighbor.   As a community of faith and struggle, we are engaged in the building and deepening of relationships beyond ourselves.  We greet this challenge with a spirit of openness and welcome.  At St. James we build and deepen relationships with our neighbors through Comfort Meal ministry, the St. James Early Education Center, Armful of Love, school scholarships for children in Tanzania, and quilts for the homeless.  We maintain active partnerships with organizations committed to helping the broader community such as 360 Communities, CAP (Scott county), Lutheran Social Services of MN, Lutheran church in Idunda Tanzania and the St. Paul Area Synod Bega Kwa Bega partnership, Ebenezzer Ridges chaplaincy, CROP Walk, Luther Seminary food pantry, Adopt a Highway, and the Red Cross Blood Drive.  We provide hospitality and the free use of our space with a local Seventh Day Adventist Hispanic congregation, local Boy and Girl Scouts, TOPPS, Alanon, and AA.   We seek a greater role in the community to engage more fully with our neighbors.