Position Description

Office and Communications Assistant

Date:  July 2017

Reports to:  Lead Pastor 

Primary objective of position: 

To assist St. James in carrying out its mission and provide administrative/communications support for St James.

Functional Values:
1.    Responsible for timely and accurate provision of content for various church communications.  This includes but not limited to website, newsletter, weekly announcements, and Annual Report. 
2.    Keep the pastor and other St. James staff informed of activities, challenges and results at staff meetings, or as the need arises.
3.    Meet semi-annually with Parish Administrator to review individual goals and exchange feedback.
4.    Maintains confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information.

Spiritual Values:
1.    Attend to your own discipleship and growth as a child of God through worship, scripture study, and prayer. 
2.    Pray regularly for the growth and mission of the church (Christian Church, ELCA, St. Paul Area Synod, and St. James) that the Spirit might lead us together.

Community Values:
1.    Foster a sense of belonging at St. James.
2.    Welcome and invite all to actively participate in the St. James community.
3.    Project a positive image of St. James, its mission, leadership, and the disciples who praise and serve here.
4.    Work with others collaboratively for the health and vitality of St. James.
5.    To foster Christian community, we expect everyone to respectfully support and uplift colleagues (paid and unpaid roles) so that they can reach their maximum potential and actualize their strengths/talents as a child of God. 

Major areas of responsibility:

1.    Answer office telephones in a courteous and business-like manner, assisting the caller and taking accurate messages for referral to others. 

2.    Prepares all worship bulletins (Sunday, funeral, wedding, holiday, etc.) in coordination with the Lead Pastor and worship leaders. Responsible for the bulletin’s accuracy and the communication to all parties in a timely and consistent fashion. 

3.    Under the direction of the Parish Administrator, will assist Ministry Hosts with logistic and communication support. 

4.    Prepares and distributes weekly announcements—both printed and electronic. 

5.    Prepares and distributes weekly congregational email.   

6.    Updates and maintains St. James website and TV monitors.

7.    Works regular office hours (M-Th), 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and maintains approximately 16 hours a week. 

8.    Works closely with volunteers and assists them with information needed. 

9.    Maintains a variety of records relating to members, baptisms, weddings, deaths, funerals, transfers, visitors and other church-related information. Provides monthly reports where needed. 

10.    Prepares congregational special emails as needed.

11.    Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Skills and abilities required to perform the position in a competent manner:

Working knowledge and experience with relevant technology. 

Competency in grammar, punctuation, and communication. 

Proofreading and customer service skills a must.

Good organizational skills and the ability to be a team player with church staff (paid and unpaid).

Prior office experience, data base, email marketing & website updating is preferred.

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