The Rev. Dr. Walt Lichtenberger



Pastor Walt is the Lead Pastor at St. James Lutheran Church in Burnsville, MN.  As an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, he has a passion for both preaching and presiding.  

Pastor Walt has a unique and special passion for creating an 'open table' - where all are welcome to participate in the Lord's Supper and in the life and community of the church. From little ones to seniors, Pastor Walt embraces and empowers each person to be a part of the St. James community!


The Rev. Nancy Connor

Visitation Pastor

CONNOR, The Rev. Nancy; Visitation Pastor.jpg

Doreen Evans


EVANS, Doreen; Director of Ministry Operations.jpg

Doreen has been serving at St. James since 1999. She guides and directs all Ministry Plans and events at St. James.  She works closely with the Treasurer and staff regarding finance, offering and giving accounts, and payroll. She is helpful in answering questions and emails for the St. James' community and volunteers. She is also known for her kindness and hospitality to all.

Sherri Lawrence



Sherri is the newest member on staff, serving as Vicar of St. James.  She began her call into ministry at St. James and with the support and care of this congregation, recently graduated from Luther Seminary.  She is now awaiting her first call to ministry with excitement and anticipation.  Vicar Sherri leads confirmation, supports the SPARK youth ministry and plans worship. Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:38-39.

Kelvin Miller

Minister of Music

MILLER, Kelvin; Minister of Music & Dir. Chancel Choir.jpg

The longest serving person on the staff with over forty years of experience with church music, Kelvin combines his passions for music and people.  Guiding the music ministry at St. James, with its multiple choirs and directors, Kelvin has encouraged a participatory approach that celebrates the voice of each person regardless of whether they have had previous musical experience.

Jeff Andrews


Jeff's passion involves using technology to proclaim the gospel.  He has trained a multi-generational team (including teens) to provide AV for worship and faith formation.   His technical knowledge is only surpassed by his coaching and mentoring.  

Kjersten Dysthe

Director of Praise III Choir

Kjersten has guided our Praise III choir for years, bringing her energy and enthusiasm for high-spirited music to worship.  

Barbara Kleinfeldt 

Director for soul fire, children/youth choir (2nd - 8th grade)

She also leads music for Children's Faith Formation (Sunday School) on Sunday mornings and is a co-leader for our Children's Christmas Worship Service. She is passionate about children's music ministry and has been directing choirs for over twenty-five years.  She is a strong believer that the purpose of the choir is to create a worship environment that demonstrates that being in the choir is far more than singing a song in front of the congregation. Choir helps build their emerging faith foundation by developing relationships with God and each other, leading our worship service several times a year, actively participating as readers during the Prayers of Intercession and engaging in Children's Outreach Ministry. If you have a child that enjoys singing, making new friends and having fun while singing to the Lord, contact Barbara!  

Deb Mueller

Befriender Program Supervisor

Deb guides our Befriender ministry.  As a trained Befriender leader, she lovingly provides a space of support and care for the Befriender caregivers.  Befriender ministry connects trained listeners with those who are in need.

Kari Owens

Director of Jubilation Ringers (Bell Choir)

OWENS, Kari; Jubilation Ringers Director.jpg

Kari joyfully conducts St. James bell choir called Jubilation Ringers.  This longstanding group enhances worship with traditional hand bell anthems.  

Gail Pederson


For many years, Gail has faithfully cared for the physical facilities at St. James, keeping our church home clean and maintained.  Although her work is usually behind the scenes, it is a labor of love that shows.

Jan Pofahl

Organist and Accompanist

Jan is extremely talented at the keyboard of both the piano and organ.  She serves as St. James primary accompanist, providing music to support each of our vocal choirs.