In Case You Missed Sunday's Sermon

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Based on Matthew 22: 1-14, Pastor Walt's sermon explores themes of respect/honor and disrespect/shame.  Jesus tells a parable about a King and a wedding banquet.  The guests disrespect the king by first not responding to his invitation and later by killing the messenger.  The King resorts to a show of force in order to restore his honor.  Afterwards, he sends his servants into the city and invites everyone - good and bad to come to his party.  The King shows a great honor to all.  During the party, the King notices that one guest has disrespected (seemingly unknowingly) by not wearing a wedding gown (some scholars say that these were provided at the door).  

How do we honor/respect God?  In what ways do we dishonor/shame?  To answer these questions, we need to look at not only our devotion/worship/prayer life; we must also look at how we treat others.  How are we Christ to our neighbor in need?  

Christians are called to lives of respect/honor.