Lutheran World Relief Personal Care Kits - Packed During Worship


During the six weeks of Lent we will be collecting items for Lutheran World Relief.

When families find their homes destroyed, or must flee for their safety, soap and a towel rarely make the cut for what they can carry.

Arriving in a refugee camp or other place of safety, they are scared, vulnerable and dirty from the travel. The simple items included in a Personal Care Kit provide much-needed self-care, critical germ fighting, and the chance to regain dignity amidst situations of fear and uncertainty.

 Click here to learn more about Lutheran World Relief Personal Care kits.

St. James will join in this important ministry as apart of our Lenten journey.


The following are Items needed:


Towels -light-weight bath-size towel (between 20"×40" & 52"×27"), dark color recommended


Two or three bath-size bars of gentle soap equaling 8-9 oz., any brand, in original wrapping; no mini or hotel-size bars


One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging


One sturdy comb


One metal nail clippers (attached file optional),


We ask that you bring these items to church and deposit them in boxes in the Narthex.