Looking Back to the MN March FoodShare Campaign


It was a success locally—right here at St. James!


St. James sent checks of $2,304.50 to both 360s Communities and CAP Agency. This included our anonymous match of $2,000. Your generous checks given this year will indeed be stretched to buy so much more.


351 pounds of requested canned goods, cereals and surprises were delivered to both locations. Each was so grateful and acknowledged St. James as a regular contributor.

Thank you, St. James!

Please take time to explain the significance of giving to/serving others to your children and grandchildren. Kid, family and individual efforts made this March Campaign so successful.

No doubt the restocking of the other 300 food shelves statewide had similar results like St. James. State totals will be reported in due time.

Thank you for participating

Thank you for helping our neighbors

For further information and videos please visit mnfoodshare.org.

~Karen & Diane