Easter Breakfast Served in Sanctuary this Year with no pancakes. 

For many years, there was a tradition of having an Easter Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall before and between worships.  In the days before St. James supported youth ministry as a regular part of the general budget, this was a major fundraiser for youth who wanted to go on trips (e.g. the National Youth Gathering).  Now, youth earn dollars for these experiences doing a variety of things in the life of the St. James community (including teaching Sunday School,     working with Confirmation students at Lock-ins, AV booth, and even playing in the brass ensemble on Easter/Christmas).  By integrating youth into St. James ministry as a whole, we continue to form their life of faith.

With families involved in other areas of ministry for the past three years, it has been harder and harder to gather the people needed to put on a full breakfast that runs for five hours on Easter morning.  We realize now that an enormous weight was placed upon the shoulders of a few dedicated volunteers. This burden included not being able to worship with their families on Easter. Since no one signed up to help support them this year, we are unable to offer the Easter Breakfast.

Not being able to offer the Easter Breakfast this year by no means lessens the joy of this ministry in the past.  We share a deep appreciation for the leadership of Patty Seewald,  Tim Evans, and countless others who made the breakfast possible.  Thank you.

Change is a part of what makes Christian communities vital and   allows for new growth and opportunities.  Although most folks don’t like change, it is a natural part of moving into the future that God continues to open for us.  At its heart, Easter is a celebration of new life.  Even the most beloved parts of the past pale in comparison to what God is doing in our present to open tomorrow. 

Easter breakfast – in the form of bread and wine – will be served in the Sanctuary for all who wish to dine.  This meal is but a foretaste of the great banquet that God has prepared for us all when the tombs open, and when God resurrects all creation.