Pastor Walt announces two new Blog series for June/July

Looking Back on 20 years Doorway.jpg

Following the 50 days 50 prayers of Easter daily devotional series, Pastor Walt will be sharing two back-to-back Blog series in June and July.   The first, entitled "20 days Looking back on 20 years" is a retrospective look at Pastor's twenty years of ordained ministry.  It starts on Friday, June 10 and will continue daily until June 29, which is the 20th anniversary of Pastor Walt's ordination.  Each day, the blog will focus on a story from ministry in the past.  

On June 30th, a new blog begins - "20 days Looking Ahead."  In this series, Pastor Walt will be sharing his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  He will be sharing his vision and ideas about pastoral ministry in a changing context.  

You can access both series through a link that will be sent out as a congregational email and through Facebook.  Or you can log on to Pastor Walt's website -