Week Two of "Weedy" Sermons

Starting on Sunday, July 16, Pastor Walt will be preaching the second installment of a four-week sermon series; Weeds: Seeking The Kingdom Of God In Life's Troubles.   This week, we will look at the WEEDS OF COMPLEX REALITY.  Life can be hard and it can get in the way of our own participation in God's Kingdom.  Still, God recklessly sows seeds with the hope of growth and new life.  

The inspiration for the series comes from the Gospel of Matthew and a series of parables involving weeds.   Weeds are usually not welcome, a nuisance to get rid of, a constant chore in our gardens and lawns, and take up valuable nutrients from the things that we want to grow.  Each week, we will consider a different type of spiritual ‘weed’:  weeds of closed-mindedness; weeds of a complex reality; weeds of the enemy; and weeds that hide treasure.  These weeds, if left unaddressed, can have a negative effect on our spiritual health as baptized individuals and a community that follows Jesus.  Pastor Walt will share practical ‘weeding’ techniques from the Bible.  

Bring your metaphorical gardening gloves to worship on Sunday morning (8 & 9:30 am) and on Wednesday nights (6:30 pm).