July sermon series begins this week - "Weeds: Seeking the Kingdom of God in Life's Troubles"

It is that time of the year when we battle those pesky and uninvited botanical invaders – weeds!  If you have a garden, lawn, flower bed, or a sidewalk with a crack in it, then you are most likely faced with the unpleasant chore of dealing with the weeds. 

Starting on July 9, Pastor Walt will be preaching a four-week sermon series, entitled, “Weeds: Seeking the Kingdom of God in Life’s Troubles.”  The inspiration comes from the Gospel of Matthew and a series of parables involving weeds.   Weeds are usually not welcome, a nuisance to get rid of, a constant chore in our gardens and lawns, and take up valuable nutrients from the things that we want to grow.  Each week, we will consider a different type of spiritual ‘weed’:  weeds of closed-mindedness; weeds of a complex reality; weeds of the enemy; and weeds that hide treasure.  These weeds, if left unaddressed, can have a negative effect on our spiritual health as baptized individuals and a community that follows Jesus.  Pastor Walt will share practical ‘weeding’ techniques from the Bible.  

Bring your metaphorical gardening gloves to worship on Sunday morning (8 & 9:30 am) and on Wednesday nights (6:30 pm).