Ministry Hosts Needed


At our Trimester Ministry Planning Night, many good ideas were lifted up as potential ministries.  The following list needs folks who would be willing to serve as Ministry Hosts.  Once a Ministry Host is identified, we will be able to put these ideas into action.

What is a Ministry Host?   Ministry Hosts give leadership to make sure that events and ministries are planned, nurtured, and carried out.  St. James Director of Ministry/Operations, Doreen Evans will meet with you and give you what you need to put together a Ministry Plan.  You will have what you need to be successful.   

If you are interested in seeing these ministries come to fruition, fill out the form below.  

Church Take Out and Flat Luther

Church Take Out and Flat Luther

Boys, Dads, and Grandpas Outing

Congregation Picnic

Rally Day Fellowship/Service

Luther Seminary Food Drive

Wednesday Worship on the Road

National Youth Gathering Send Off and Blessing

Annual Ministry Survey

Safety Discussion/ Sunday Morning

Sunday morning Worship on the Road

Special Offering/ Back to Church

Family Camp

CROP Walk Leader

Constitutional Review

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