Calling All Little Lambs!

Little Lamb ministry is being refreshed, beginning on Rally Day (September 9).  

rejoice with lambs.jpg

If you were previously (a few years back) given a St. James lamb - find it and bring it back to church.  You will receive a special gift.

If you have not received a St. James lamb - we have one waiting for you, along with a welcome bag as soon as you register.

Check out the New Features for the Little Lamb ministry.

Weekly check-in at the Little Lamb pasture.  Each week your child will receive a sticker to put on their "lamb tag." They will hang their tags on the fence in the pasture.  When they accumulate five stickers, they get a prize.

Little Lamb Sunday. On the fourth Sunday of every month, children will be invited to bring their lambs up for the Children's Message.

Baptism Celebration.  On the anniversary of your child's baptism, they will receive a gift at worship.  They will also get to wear the Baptism Birthday sash and help Pastor Walt pour the water into the font at the start of worship.

Whether you already have a lamb, or you need to get one, we are asking that EVERYONE register anew for this ministry.  


Questions about this ministry?  Things we should know?