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Youth ARE the church of today:

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Youth play an important role in the life of the St. James community.  In a variety of ways, they serve and engage in ministry that benefits others and strengthens their own life of faith.  They ARE the church of today.   For decades, St. James has had a history of encouraging youth through a variety of tangible ministries.  Currently, we are blessed to have youth integrated into ministry alongside adults for the sake of the gospel.  They are helping us to tell the story of God’s love to children and adults.  They are doing this in a way that is unique and based on their own interests and skills.  Youth serve as they teach Sunday School, pack Comfort Meals, help with the St. James Handymen, manage the audio-visual booth and play their instruments during worship, sing in choir, and play games with residents at nursing homes.  These are just a few ways that Youth are active in their faith.  As a congregation, we are thankful for and want to encourage the continuation of this ministry.  


Purpose: To encourage individual service, participation in the life of St. James, and to help defray the costs of Youth activities such as the National Youth Gathering, the St. James Youth Account has been established.   These individual accounts allow youth to save for St. James sponsored youth trips based on their own service hours at St. James. 


Funding:  When St. James adopted a congregational policy of no fundraising, funds were set aside in the annual general mission budget of the congregation to fund youth ministry at the level of previous fundraising.  Ministry dollars each year are set aside to be accessed by youth in their individual youth accounts through their service in the life of St. James.


Qualified Hours:   Involvement in ANY ministry at St. James qualifies for Service Hours.  Youth are encouraged to be creative and to use their unique God-given talents in service at or through St. James to qualify for Service Account hours.  


Process of Accumulating Hours/Dollars:  A “YOUTH ACCOUNT SERVICE FORM” is available in the church office or online (under resource section of website).  This form needs to be filled out and submitted to the church office.   Youth are responsible for submitting their service sheets.  A separate form needs to be filled each time they serve.   Youth must submit their service hours by the end of the quarter in which the service has occurred.





Youth Accounts – Balance:  At the end of each quarter, service hours will be added up.  An hourly rate will be calculated and applied to the service hours submitted.  The rate is subject to change (based on the available funds) but will be in the range of $8-$12.   Youth can check their balances by calling the church office.  


Youth Accounts – Use of Funds:   Youth can request that their accumulated dollars be used to offset the cost of any St. James Youth trip or activity.    They do not need to fill out any special paperwork.  


Graduation:   Upon graduation from High School, any funds remaining in youth accounts that are not spent, or designated to be spent, will transfer back to St. James.  These will be used to support Youth ministry at St. James in a general way and not designated for any special person.  Unused Youth Account Funds cannot be transferred to siblings, other family members, or any other designated person.


Please direct questions regarding Youth Service Accounts to Doreen Evans in the Church Office.  952-890-4534 or

Printed copies of the Youth Account Service Form can be found in the narthex or through the Church Office. 


You can fill out the online form below.  

Please complete a form (either printed or online) for EACH service completed.



Online Youth Account Service Form

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