Christmas Blessings


Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ! 

On this first day of Christmas, I wish you all a blessed Christmas season.   

This is a special and sacred time of year in which we give thanks for the birth of Christ among us.  A time to remember God’s great love for us and all people.  A time also to share that love with others.  Family.  Friends. Neighbors.  But not just them!  Christmas invites a charity toward all people.  Strangers.  Opponents. Even enemies.  As crazy as this might sound, especially in our divisive times, Christmas invites us to walk down Jesus’ path of compassion, forgiveness, and grace toward all.  It is a difficult journey no doubt.  It is also the only way that leads to shalom (Hebrew word for peace that means wholeness and restoration).   

It is my Christmas prayer that you may find a glimpse of God’s shalom this Christmas season.  It is my same prayer for the St James community.  May we walk an ever closer path to Christ not only during these next twelve days of Christmas but also during this coming year.

in Christ  

Pastor Walt