Taking Children's Messages "out of the box"


Starting on July 2, I will be trying something different during the Children's Message.  A box is in the narthex.  Children (and parents too) can please whatever items fit into the box.  At the time of the Children's Message, I will open the box.  I will reach in and out an item.   Using this mystery item,  I will preach a message.  I will need to keep on my toes, no doubt.  There is even the potential of "stumping the pastor."  We will see.   It promises to be a lot of fun.  

Kids, be creative.  With your parent's permission, find something to bring in each week.  Who knows, your item could be the 'mystery item' that I pick out of the box.   

I am looking forward to seeing what happens.  It will be an adventure, no doubt.  

In Christ,

Pastor Walt