Line Up!


Early this summer, our parking lot was re-lined.   The old lines had faded over the years, and it was a job that was desperately needed.  The bright, painted lines are a welcomed sight.   I am certainly thankful for a job well done.  

As a community, we need to share our combined thanks to Duane Stabler who completed the job.  A member of the Council, Duane exemplifies a renewed spirit of participation and engagement that is moving through St. James.   Duane saw what many saw - we needed to have the lines repainted.  This spring, I had more than one person bring this to my attention.  Pastor, the lines need to be repainted.  It was a job that would have cost us in the thousands.   Although we might have been able to do it, financially it was not on our priorities, and we are still in the midst of careful fiscal management.  In the discussions that followed, Jerry Sjogren (who years ago did the job the last time) mentioned that we have a line painting machine in the basement.  Duane not only located the machine but went to the local paint stores and bought all the parking lot paint that we could find.  

Over a series of hot days, lasting over a week, Duane re-lined the lot.  He continued to buy up all the parking lot paint at the local paint stores.  It was a lot of effort but it paid off and it looks great.  Thanks Duane for exemplifying the spirit of 'jumping right in there' and lending a hand.  You join a host of people who share their time, talents, and treasure at St. James - that get things done and make our church home look good and welcoming.  Thank you and thanks to all those who pull weeds, water flower, cut trees, maintain air conditioning/heating units, the list goes on and on.   And the church facility/property goes on too!

in Christ,

Pastor Walt