Thanks Graham!


You might have noticed that there is a new addition to the landscape at St. James Lutheran.  As you drive into the parking lot at the end of the building that houses the St. James Early Education Center, you will see a mini church, two benches, and new mulch.  The tiny chapel houses a community library and it is the Eagle Scout Project of Graham Moberg.   Graham, a Boy Scout in Troup 471, used to go to the St. James Lutheran Early Education Center when he was in pre-school.  For his Eagle Scout leadership award, he wanted to give back to the school and St. James.  This library, which already contains books for adults and children, will be used by not only the families who bring their children to SJLEEC and St. James but also by the entire community.  Thanks Graham for this wonderful gift.  You truly display the qualities of leadership and are a good example of a Boy Scout.

You are invited to check out the library - perhaps bring a book to share.

In Christ,

Pastor Walt