A Tablecloth for ALL SAINTS

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Setting the Table with the Saints in Mind.jpg

Back in 2010, we introduced a 'eucharistic experience' for All Saints' Sunday that involved pictures.  We gathered photos of the saints in our lives to place around the Altar Table for this annual festival that gives thanks to God for those whose lives bear witness to Christ's love.   This practice was continued for six years and helped to frame our Eucharist on All Saints' Sunday as a celebration that was done with all the saints in heaven and earth.  Through the sacrament, God connects the saints together into one eternal body of Christ.       

This year, our 'eucharistic experience' for All Saints' Sunday will again involve recalling those special people in our lives that have taught us and shown us Christ's love.  Instead of photos, however, we will be writing down the names of those saints.  Throughout the month of October, there will be a tablecloth in the narthex (back of church).  Using a variety of colored markers (saints are as diverse as the rainbow) you are invited each week to write down a name (or two) in thanksgiving for their life.   Each week, you will be asked to recall saints from various parts of life.  For example, who was a memorable Sunday School teacher or a kind coworker that showed you compassion?  The point of the exercise is to think deeply and recall those lives that really matter so that we can share our deep thanks to God for them.  

On All Saints' Sunday, we will have the children bring the tablecloth in during the offering and help set the Altar Table.   With the names of the saints in our lives literally on the Table, we will celebrate and share in the Body of Christ.  

We begin the first week with recalling someone that shared God's love with you as a child.  Come and write down their name (or names) on the tablecloth.   

As always, I look forward to seeing you in church,

In Christ,

Pastor Walt