Time to Rally!


Each year I look forward to the September start up of another school-year of ministry.  This year is no exception.  In fact, there is a level of joy at St. James this year that makes me particularly excited.  There is good energy in both Sunday School and Confirmation.  Plans have been made to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran reformation in meaningful and memorable ways.  A host of ministry opportunities is available for folks to share their talents.  New faces have found a welcome and a church home in St. James.  New lighting throughout the building and parking lot will literally brighten things up.  Comfort Meals are ready to be made, packed, and distributed.  Worship is dynamic and continues to involve children on a weekly basis.  So much goes on and so much for which to be thankful.  Our back to church special offering is coming in strong and being supported by an ever widening circle of people.  Life and ministry at St. James are in a good place.

On Sunday, September 10, we kick a new ministry year with our Rally Day worship, the start of Sunday School, Comfort Meal Pack, and BBQ lunch.  Wow!  So much really does go on!  All ages are invited to participate, celebrate, and take part in the faith formation that lies ahead of us all.  

I hope to see you in worship on Sunday for Rally Day.  Join me in praying for the continued strength and vitality of St. James as the Spirit moves among us and ignites our response.

in Christ,

Pastor Walt