Taking Care of your Spirit

Recently, I have started to count calories again. Using an app on my phone, I’m recording what I’m eating throughout the day. I did this a few years ago with success. It helped me to lose a little weight, making me feel healthier. Unfortunately, I got out of the habit of watching what I ate; this had the negative result of weight gain.

With life as busy as it is, our health depends upon our being intentional. This is true of our physical health. It is also true of our spiritual well being.

Taking care of our spirit is a critical part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Spiritual care involves worship, study, prayer, and making time to be present with God. Some of these practices involve others, some do not.

St. James Lutheran offers a variety of options to help individuals of various ages to grow in their awareness of God’s presence. Although this is true throughout the year, we are rapidly approaching a season that has an abundance of opportunities.

Advent begins in just three Sundays. Throughout the four weeks leading up to our Christmas celebrations, we are offering additional worships on Wednesday evenings, a Bible study on the Christmas story (which you can do online - click here ), and Advent calendars. All of these are great ways for you to take care of your spirit.

I have also written a daily devotional that begins on November 25 - one week before Advent starts. You can sign up for this FREE daily, 5-minute inspiration which I will send to your email, inbox in time for your morning coffee. Use the button below.

When we are intentional about caring for our spiritual well-being, it has a positive effect on our relationship with God and others. Although it is true that God loves us no matter what, we are apt to overlook this fact. An irony emerges. Our lack of spiritual care obscures from view the God who walks alongside us. This God, who desires to be intimately involved with our whole life, waits patiently for us to turn.

So mark your calendars! Get ready to make this Advent a special time for you and your family to turn to God and take care of your spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you in worship.

in Christ’s Light,

Pastor Walt