Little Hands Bring Great Joy


Each Sunday as I greet folks at the door,  I hear positive comments about the participation of children in worship.  St. James is truly a special place where children take an active role in worship.  Kids bring the joy with them as they wave ribbon banners, shake shakers, ring bells, and collect coins at the Noisy Offering.  

This past Sunday, we involved children in a new way.  During the opening hymn, throughout the season of Lent, our children will be adding to the scene at the base of the large cross in the sanctuary.  They are creating a 'wilderness' on our Lenten journey.  They poured sand on the First Sunday in Lent.  This coming week they will add something new.  You will have to come to church to see what the new item will be.  

As a pastor, I am so proud of the community of St. James and its active welcome of children in worship.  Thank you, parents, for bringing them.  Their regular participation fosters a faith foundation that will last their whole life.  Thank you also, adults without small children at home, for your hospitality.  You encourage with your smiles, laughter, coins, and gracious spirit.  I am excited about what we are doing together - through our actions and worship practices - for the youngest believers among us.  It is impossible to understate the importance of letting our kids know that they have a place and are welcome.   In so doing we follow Jesus' command to his disciples to "let the children come to me."  

Looking forward to seeing you and children of all ages in worship this week,

Pastor Walt