On Winter Retreat...


This week, I am taking a few days to be on a winter’s retreat. I type this note from the corner room of the top floor of a Benedictine monastery. The view from the window is spectacular. Snow is falling while the hoarfrost covers the trees. It is a winter wonderland. A good time and place for praying, thinking, and writing.

I’m taking this retreat, which is part of my continuing education, in these days that lead up to Lent. This wonderful season of the church year is a time for us all to reflect and reconnect with God. There will be extra opportunities for worship and study to allow you to deepen your relationship with God and through that relationship to others.

The purpose of my retreat is two-fold. First, it is important for me to take time apart on an occasion basis. This time always me to recharge my proverbial batteries. More importantly, it allows the needed space away from my daily duties of a pastor to work on my spiritual connection with God. After retreats, I find that I’m always better able to offer spiritual care to others.

Second, I will be taking the time on this retreat to prepare Lenten materials for us to use at St. James. It will be a writing retreat. I will author the Lenten daily devotional series, which you will be able to receive free-of charge starting on Ash Wednesday, March 6. Also, I will create a weekly Bible Study that will be shared among a variety of small groups. Last, I will work out basic sermon outlines for the season. I will be busy but I am grateful for the opportunity to do this work in Jesus’s name.

I invite your prayers for a productive and meaningful retreat. Please know that when I am away, there is pastoral care coverage in case of emergencies. I am thankful for Pastor Nancy Connor, St. James Visitation Pastor who has gracious agree to provide coverage in my absence.

I return in time for Wednesday’s Meal Pack (6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.). As always, I look forward to seeing you in worship.

in Christ’s Light,

Pastor Walt