Daily Celebrating Easter - A New Opportunity to Nurture Your Faith

Happy Easter!

50 Days of Easter Lighting Your Way .jpg

Even though the supermarkets already have the Easter candy marked for clearance, the Easter celebration continues. On the church calendar, Easter is not a single day but a season that lasts for fifty days.

To help us dwell in the spirit and joy of Easter throughout the next seven weeks, I am offering a brand new devotional series. Sign up below to receive a daily devotional that we’ll send you early each morning in time for your wake-up coffee. It will contain a scripture reading, inspiring images, prayer, and an excerpt from my book, Lighting Your Way, With Love. I’m offering this series free of charge (I’m still celebrating the publication of my first book.)

Starting the day with a few minutes in thoughtful reflection and prayer does a world of good for our spiritual health. It helps us to make the connections between our life and God’s. It can also remind us to follow Jesus’s teaching as we interact with others. Focusing on our spirits helps them to grow and strengthen.

As a pastor, it is my continual prayer that each person that calls St. James their church home might develop spiritually. May we each make the time to tend to our spirits through regular worship and daily prayer. As we do, we will find that Easter lives in our hearts for more than a season. Easter becomes part of who we are as the baptized children of God.

In Christ’s Light,

Pastor Walt