Ask and We will Respond


Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I write this week to share with you a critical ministry of St. James that is not as visible as some other ministries but plays a vital role in sharing God’s love and support in the midst of life’s struggles.   

If you were in church on Sunday at our 9:30 worship, then you saw me share an appreciation for the Pastoral Care Team.  I am grateful for Cathy DeKrey, Birdie Olson, and Karen Krafka who serve in this group.

The Pastoral Care Team is a trained group of volunteers that work closely with me to visit, pray, and listen to those in the hospital and homebound.   We also extend care to those who are in need of spiritual care through phone calls and contacts.   If you would like someone to pray with you for whatever reason, then please ASK.  It is our practice to respond to direct requests as quickly as we are able.  You can contact us by calling the Pastoral Care line (952) 890-4410.  Someone will answer this line 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and be sure to connect you with someone on the Pastoral Care Team. 

The Pastoral Care Team is but one of four, cooperative care ministries at St. James.  In future weekly emails, I will describe these ministries.  For now, let me express my gratitude for the work of Befriender ministry (guided by Deb Mueller), Grief Support Ministry (guided by Viv Aarestad), and Healing Ministers (guided by Lynne Lind and Deb Mueller).  All four ministries - Pastoral Care Team, Befrienders, Grief Support, and Healing Ministers - work to provide visitation and contact on behalf of St. James with those in need.  As a congregation, we are committed to supporting each other through trials, challenges, and grief. 

This past Sunday we celebrated the work of the Pastoral Care Team during worship during the Sharing of Appreciation.  At future worships, we will do the same for Befrienders, Grief Support, and Healing Ministers.   

Please don’t hesitate to call - no request is too small.  If it would help you to receive a pastoral contact/visit, then let us know.  We want to be present for you during your time of need. 

In Christ,

Pastor Walt