A Familiar Face in A New Role

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ!


After four months of a variety of leaders working together and two Congregational Town Hall Meetings (Oct. 1 & 3) later, Council voted to establish a new leadership position at St. James – The Director of Ministry and Operations.   The genesis of the idea came out of the conversations of the Pastoral Support Mission Team this summer.  The team was talking about the need to adjust the role of the pastor in light of the changed nature of our congregation.  When I was originally called as Lead Pastor to serve St. James, there was need of my administrative skills.  Over the years, as St. James resized from a programmatic church to a relationship-based church, I needed to take on additional responsibilities.  The team determined that as a solo pastor, I couldn't continue to do all that I was doing.  We agreed that it was better for me to focus on spiritual matters.  Someone else needed to do the administrative aspects that I was doing (aside from visioning matters). Working with the Executive Mission Team and the Council, the new position of Director of Ministry Operations was created.  

Working in a close partnership relationship with the Pastor, the Director of Ministry Operations works to see that both ministry and facilities run in a smooth manner.  The Director of Ministry Operations has an intimate knowledge of the resources (people, schedule, funding) that are needed and available for St. James to carry out its vision.  A key leader, the D.M.O. will sit on both the Executive Mission Team and the Council.   All ministry requests (including whenever folks need to ask staff or volunteers to do something) need to go through the Director of Ministry Operations to ensure that we make the best use of our resources (people, facility, and funds).  Council will occasionally provide direction to ministry through the Director of Ministry Operations who will then figure out the best way to put ideas into practice.  If anyone sees a need or wants to help out in any way at St. James, their first stop will be with the Director of Ministry Operations (not the Pastor) who then can connect the dots and resources needed.  

It sounds like a big job.  It is!  From someone who did a large portion of this work to this point, I can tell you that this work comes on a full plate.  Recognizing this, Council has provided additional salary resources – at Synod lay leadership guidelines – to make sure that we are properly compensating this person for their efforts. 

After consideration as to who might serve in this capacity, it quickly became apparent that we have the person with the skills, wisdom, and energy already on our staff.   Doreen Evans has been faithfully serving St. James for eighteen years in a variety of capacities.  She knows the people, building, and vision of our congregation.  Her hard work and warm personality have been invaluable on a day to day basis.  It is a personal privilege to work with her, and I’m excited about this increased leadership role for her.

On this coming Sunday, November 12, during worship, we will install Doreen into this new position.  Please come to worship to share your words of encouragement and prayers. 

In Christ,

Pastor Walt