Which of the Advent Invitations Will You Accept?


Imagine holding in your hand a bunch of dinner invitations.  Each one of them is an opportunity to have a meal and connect with others.  Although schedules are packed and busy, you shuffle and arrange things such that you will be able to make most of them.  Even if you are hesitant with some, you know in your heart that you will be glad to have accepted the invitations after the fact.  Staying home, though always an option, does little to build friendships.  Besides, when the cooking is good, it is hard to pass up a tasty meal.

Now think about the season of Advent and the opportunities that St. James offers for spiritual nourishment.  From extra worship, devotions, book and bible studies, the chance to have a deep conversation - there are many invitations that your church is placing in your hands.  Each of these Advent gatherings will not only encourage your faith but it will also connect you with others.  Your participation in Advent at St. James will help you to build and deepen relationships with others and with God.  Your participation will also strengthen relationships with neighbors.

Although each of these items is described better elsewhere (I've provided the link so you can check out the details), here is a brief description to wet your appetite:   

Wednesday Mid-week worship - Holden Evening prayer.  Three different places on each of the Wednesdays in Advent (Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, Savage Senior Living (formerly Cherrywood Pointe)).  Click Here to Read More  

Daily Devotions - from the convenience of your phone or computer, you can read a daily devotional written for the St. James community.   Click here to Read Today's Devotion.

Bible Studies for all.  Though not new for Advent, these weekly studies allow an opportunity to dig deeper into scripture in the context of a conversation with others.  Click here to find out more information.

Unique Conversation.  The recent shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas has raised concerns for many over the issue of gun violence in sacred places.  Pastor Walt will be guiding a structured conversation where folks can voice their perspectives and differences, listen and grow.  Click here to find out more.

With a handful of options, which of these invitations will you accept?  How might God work in your life to strengthen your faith through these opportunities?  

As you think about your answers, I hope to see you soon in worship.

In Christ,

Pastor Walt