An Important Time Together


Time is a funny thing.  Although there are moments that seem to take forever, time mostly flies.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we were getting ready as a church for our 2017 Annual Meeting.  As a congregation, we were facing a big financial challenge and concerns over how we were going to meet the needs of website communication, ministry oversight and support, and confirmation without dedicated staff resources. 

Already it is a year later, and it is time to meet again. 

Things have changed for the better. Instead of a $30,000 deficit, we finished 2017 with over that amount in the positive column, which we will be able to use to strengthen new ministry and stabilize some property/insurance contingencies.  The introduction of Ministry Plans allowed us as a community of faith and struggle to manage, support, and accomplish one hundred eight ministries using an expanded leadership base.  Utilizing new technology for our website, we were able to reach 6,353 unique visitors with nearly 22,000 pageviews – not to mention all the Facebook traffic that we generated.  Confirmation has expanded and I’m looking forward to the return of our Winter Confirmation Retreat in February.  In addition to successfully addressing these things which concerned us a year ago, we installed new LED lighting that has made things brighter and is saving us money, celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (remember the fun we had with Flat Luther), continue to pay down our debt, and much more.  Check out the Annual Report for more details.

With so much good happening at St. James, it is important for us to come together to celebrate and raise our collective thanks to God.   We will also be doing some other important things.  Together, we will elect members to serve on our Council – who provides oversight and direction to ministry throughout the year.  Together we will vote on a mission spending plan – that earmarks the needed funds for ministry inside and outside our church.  Together we will share in fellowship as we eat, laugh, remember, and dream about the future that God has in store.

So mark your calendars for this Sunday – January 28 (snow backup for Feb.4).  Potluck begins at 11:30 and we will start the meeting at noon. 

I look forward to seeing you there and in worship before.

In Christ,

Pastor Walt