Praying For You

When someone is praying for you, it can be an uplifting gift.


From personal experience (in my life and walking with others in their lives), our paths can all too quickly become rocky, impassable, treacherous, muddy, and disheartening.  At other times, we wander in a wilderness where the concerns of health, family, jobs, addictions, and finances are all too big, consuming, and formidable.  Feelings of fear, uncertainty, powerlessness, and loneliness are not uncommon. 

For centuries, Christians have found strength, comfort, and hope in prayer.  Intercessory prayer – praying on behalf of another – is a regular part of our worship and community life.  St. James maintains an ongoing Prayer List.  On this list are the sick, homebound, struggling, grieving, and those serving in the armed forces.  Folks will regularly call the church office to be added to the list or to add someone else to the list.  Each week we send this list out to a group of people who pray for those on the list.  We also mention the Prayer List as part of the Prayers of the People on Sunday morning worship.  If you would like to join those who pray weekly for those on the Prayer List then contact us

Why is it so powerful for others to lift us up in prayer?  For me, it has something to do with the communal aspect of our faith.  In baptism, God made us a part of a community that has a core purpose to be a part of God’s creative and redeeming work in all the world.  When we pray for someone else, or a concern that affects God’s creation, then we are making room in our hearts for them.  We are letting them know that they are not alone.  We are willing to enter – even if it is only in a small way – the struggles, concerns, trials, and tribulations that they are facing.  We are letting them know that they are not alone.  What is more, we are willing to speak to God – who is the source of healing and transformation beyond our limited imaginations – on their behalf.      

Starting this week, I am putting a new feature on the homepage of the St. James website called “Pray For Me.”  It is an online opportunity for you to submit a prayer request at any point during the week.  Your prayer requests will be sent directly to me, and I will offer a prayer for you within 24hours.  Also, during its regular weekly meeting, the Pastoral Care Team will also pray for you.   You can still submit your prayer requests for the Prayer List through the church office – we will continue this important prayer ministry.   “Pray For Me” is an additional resource for you from St. James that carries out our vision: by the grace of God, we will build and deepen loving relationships with God, each other, and our neighbor.

Look forward, as always, to seeing you in worship,

Pastor Walt