Sharing Hope, Wisdom, and Meaning Through Jesus' Stories

jesus stories -campfire - summer 2018.jpg

Summertime is here and it is time for campfires and being outdoors with family and friends.  There is something wonderful about hearing stories told around a campfire - they ignite our imagination in a way that connects with our inmost being.  This summer, I am excited about offering a different kind of sermon series.  At Wednesday night campfire worship (which starts tomorrow night - May 30 - 6:00 p.m. hot dogs/6:30 worship), we will hear stories that Jesus told.  These stories, all recorded in the Gospel of Luke, will be told in a manner like you would be accustomed to hearing a story around a campfire. 

Over the course of the summer, there will be fourteen stories in total.  Jesus was a master storyteller, using down-to-earth examples and illustrations from everyday life to talk about God.  Wednesday's sermon (which will be different than Sunday's sermon this year) will look at the hope, wisdom, and meaning that is found in these wonderful teaching stories.  

You can hear these sermons live on Wednesday night at the Campfire Worship or online on Thursday each week.  The sermons will be posted on the St. James website on Thursday.  If you would like, you can sign up to receive a free link to the sermon that will be sent directly to your email inbox as soon as its posted.

Of course, I will look forward to seeing you in worship when you are in town.  When you're away, check out this accessible online resource to nurture your spirit.  

In Christ,

Pastor Walt