Working With Some Talented Creatures


I am excited about a project that I've just completed with the teens who are going to Houston for the ELCA Youth Gathering from St. James.  They are an exceptional group of youth.  Together we put together a 30-creature prayer book called God of Creatures Great and Small.  I wrote the prayers and took the pictures.  They researched fun animal facts for this eclectic grouping of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, and arachnids.   There are some really cool insights. 

In just three weeks, St. James will be carrying on a long-standing tradition of sending youth to ELCA national gatherings.  Over the years there have been different sizes of the group, different host cities (for example, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Antonio, Dallas), different styles of music played, and different groups of kids.  These differences are a cause for us to celebrate.  How wonderful and diverse God has made us!  What is common, however, is also remarkable.  We will go and share an incredible experience with thousands of other Lutherans.  Together, we will give our thanks to God for awesome gifts of love and grace.  We will celebrate the work of the Spirit in the lives of our kids.  How wonderful and awesome is our God!

St. James actively supports youth participation at National Gatherings through general giving.  A portion of every dollar given throughout the year goes to fund not only this experience but faith formation for all ages.  If you are a regular giver - thank you for your generosity.  You have made it possible for us to take a group to Houston.

To share additional support, Light From This Hill - my online devotional company - is offering the original 30-creature book that I mentioned.  It can be used as a daily devotional or just a fun read.  For a donation of any amount - Light From This Hill will send you God of Creatures Great and Small as a thank you.  You receive a link to each of the creatures in your inbox.   You decide when the series starts and control the pace through all the creatures.    For more information about this project CLICK HERE.   

It was a real pleasure for me to see the enthusiasm of our teens for this series.  I can't wait until they see the final product of our common work.  Perhaps we can look through the animals as we make our two-day journey by church van to Houston - what fun!

As always, I look forward to seeing you in worship this summer either on Sunday or Wednesday night.

In Christ's Light,

Pastor Walt