Getting Our Hands Dirty

bulbs in bucket.jpg

Tis' the season for planting and spring cleaning.  With the winter behind us, there is a lot of work needed before our flower beds and gardens bloom and produce.   Unless we have a full-time gardener on a household staff, we will need to get our hands dirty.  Plants don't plant themselves and weeds absolutely refuse to leave of their own accord.

Yard work and gardening are good metaphors for ministry.  As we begin the second Trimester of Ministry at St. James ( May-August), there is a need for folks to step up and commit their heads, hearts, and hands.  We no longer have household staff to carry out all the ministry that needs to be imagined, planted, nurtured, pruned, and harvested.  Leadership for ministry must come from all those who call St. James their home.   We need Ministry Hosts to fulfill our vision of building and deepening loving relationships with God, each other, and our neighbor.  

At the second Trimester Ministry Planning Night, the group (in which the entire Council participated in for the first time) came up with a whole list of ideas.  Some of these things we've done before.  Some of them are brand new.  There is something for every age group.  Things that will strengthen our spirits, friendships, and connect us with the outside community.  

Already we have had people step forward and respond to the invitations in the bulletin to serve as Ministry Hosts.  As Director of Ministry/Operations, Doreen Evans will work closely with them to make sure that they have the resources needed for success.  If you have led ministry before, you will recognize in our Ministry Plan a level of detail that makes sure all the proverbial bases are covered.  If you never have led a ministry as St. James, fear not!  The Ministry Plan has it all laid out for you.  You will receive the support that you need to make your inaugural leadership experience a satisfying one.  

So..... are you in?  Are you able to lend your time and talents towards ministry that will give you a sense of accomplishment and connect others with the life and love of Jesus?  

I am confident that God has blessed St. James with all the resources and leadership that it needs to be a positive force in our lives and in our community.  My prayer is that the Spirit will inspire us to a deeper level of response and action.

Look forward to seeing you in worship,

Pastor Walt