The Care That We Share


Three times a year, the Pastoral Care Team hosts a luncheon for all St. James seniors who are living in local senior living communities.  On Thursday this week, we will be providing a picnic lunch at Valley Ridges in Burnsville.  It is always fun to gather together with the most life-experienced members of the St. James community.   We share laughter, stories, reminiscences, practical wisdom, a meal, and the eucharist.  I am not alone in looking forward to Thursday's luncheon.  

Thanks to the generousity of the DeKrey family, lunch (and a flower for each participant) is provided in the loving memory of Cathy DeKrey.  Cathy was a foundational part of the Pastoral Care Team and visited with most of those who the luncheon serves.  As we continue to mourn, we are deeply grateful for the many ways Cathy served St. James.   

I am also thankful for the efforts of the Pastoral Care Team, which provides regular visits to our homebound folks and checks-in on the well being of so many others.  Given the size of our parish, as a solo pastor, I have all I can do to keep up with urgent care, hospital/surgery visits, emergency calls, and funerals.  The training and compassion of the Pastoral Care Team allows for St. James to be present in the lives of a wider circle of those needing spiritual care.   We gather each week in prayer and support each other in our efforts to reach out to our community.  Please join me in giving thanks to Birdie Olson, Karen Krafka, and Kari Owens.   In addition to the Pastoral Care Team, I share thanks for Viv Aarestad - Grief Support Ministry, and the Befrienders led by Deb Mueller.  

So as you have your lunch this Thursday, please think of those who will be gathering at Valley Ridges.  Pray for us.  Give thanks, also, for the community in which we all share.  Together we care in Jesus' name.

Look forward to seeing you in worship,


In Christ, 

Pastor Walt