Final Campfire Communion of the Season


It is hard to believe but we have reached the end of our summer worship schedule.  This Wednesday night is the last of our mid-week outdoor worships.  Did that summer go by quickly or what?  

If you have been wanting to come all summer but didn't get the chance - you have one more opportunity.  On Wednesday, August 29 from 6:30 to 7:15 we worship around the campfire.  Hot dog and bratwurst roast at 6:00 p.m.  Bring your lawn chair.  We provide the "tube steaks!"

Throughout the summer, I have been grateful for the efforts of many people who have made this unique worship experience possible.  Thank you to our band - Jeff and Kari Owens, Bob Andrews, Janet Karsten, Tim Evans, and Mark Lind.  Their weekly dedication throughout the summer allowed us to raise our song of praise.  Thanks also go to Pam Larsen, Jeff Cheney, and Doreen Evans who provided regular meal and logistical support.  

Looking forward to seeing you at this worship or at the ones that we will do on Sunday.  Worship remains at the center of the baptized community of St. James.  

in Christ,

Pastor Walt