The Lambs are coming "Baaack"


Starting on Rally Day, our Little Lamb ministry will be the recipient of new energy and focus.  Little Lambs began over six years ago as a way of encouraging children's participation in worship.  The idea was simple.  Give a nice stuffed animal to the kids.  Invite the children to bring their lambs to worship and engage our youngest worshipers.  It was one of our worship innovations involving children.   Dozens of lambs were given out and cherished. 

Thanks to the efforts of my wife, Katie, this ministry will be revived starting on Rally Day.   Children who currently have lambs will receive a special gift when they bring in their lamb back and register anew.  Time to search for those "lost" lambs!  Those without lambs will be given new lambs when they register.  Each Sunday, children can check in at the Lamb pen.  After ten visits they will be able to choose a prize.  On special "Lamb Sundays" everyone will be invited to bring their lambs so as to participate with them in worship.  Little Lambs will also help children celebrate their baptisms.  They will receive email invitations to bring their Little Lamb to church on the Sunday closest to their baptism where they will receive a gift.   Visitors and children who forget their lambs at home will be able to borrow a lamb from a small flock that will live at church.   

I am looking forward to this fun ministry as it engages families with small children and encourages them to come to worship.  Children are not just the future of the church - they are a critical part of Jesus' body today.  That is why Jesus told his disciples to let the children come to him.    Without our children in worship, our church would be missing a part of Christ's flock.  Thankfully, St. James is a place where children are welcomed.  They are the true treasured "little lambs" of our community.  

If you would like to register your child for the Little Lamb ministry (ages 2 and up - until they lose interest) please follow the link below.  At this point, all are being asked to register, even if you already have received a lamb.  Thanks ahead of time for signing the little ones up!

Whether you have children or not, I look forward to seeing you in worship.   Young and old - together we are church - we are the body of our Lord!  

In Christ,

Pastor Walt