With Thanks for Partnerships and Time Away

still waters.jpg

This week, I am grateful for the opportunity to take some time away with my family. In my absence, St. James will be well cared for by Pastor Nancy Connors, who will be covering emergency calls for the first part of the week, Pastor Scott Simmons and Lydia students, who will be covering emergency calls for the second part of the week. The Pastoral Care Team and Befrienders will continue to make contacts and calls. St. James welcomes Pastor Rebecca Thurman who will preach/preside during Holden Evening Prayer on Wednesday night and Pastor Mhando Kishe who will preach/preside on Sunday, April 8.

I am grateful for them all and for their care.

As always, after this time of renewal, I look forward to seeing you all in worship (on Wednesday, April 10 and Sunday, April 14)

In Christ,

Pastor Walt