The Opportunity of Lent is Upon Us


Each year Lent comes around like an old friend. Beginning in the cold of winter, it is a time that pushes toward spring. As such, it is full of potential and opportunity. It is a time of spiritual renewal if we let it to be in our lives.

I have come to learn that spiritual growth is best fostered in an environment where we are intentional. Sure, you can never tell when or were the Spirit is going to move and give new life. Taking the time, however, and making a plan to seek God, worship, pray, study, and talk with other helps to set the table for such an encounter. These spiritual practices encourage and engage God and others in such a way that growth is more likely.

So what is your plan for Lent? How will you take the opportunity of the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter morning to nurture your faith?

Let me suggest four steps that you can take that will benefit your spiritual growth.

1) Worship -

We start on Ash Wednesday (noon and 7:30 p.m.) and continue worships on Sundays (8 & 9:30 a.m.) and Wednesday - Holden Evening Prayer (7:30 p.m.) On Sundays, during 9:30 worship, we will be packed health kits for Lutheran World Relief. Our goal is 1000. Bring in supplies throughout the week. click here to learn more.

2) Daily Prayer/Devotion -

I am in the process of writing a daily devotional that will give you a daily lift of inspiration and invite you to breath, dwell in God’s word, and pray. It will be in your email inbox in time for your morning coffee.

3) Study Scripture in a Small Group -

We are offering six different small groups - one each night of the week plus Sunday morning. Take the time to dust off your Bible and get to know someone new from church. (for more information/sign up.)

4) Give -

We are gathering a Special Offering to fund ministry at St. James closing the gap that allows us to continue ministries that reach young and old with God’s love and grace. Our needed goal is $15,000 and every gift gets us closer. 10% of the amount gathered will be passed on in equal amounts to Lutheran World Relief and CATCH (transitional housing).

As you get ready to start Lent, I invite you to incorporate these elements into a plan to grow in your relationship with God. May the Spirit be alive in all of our lives this Lenten season and grow Christ’s church from within so that we are better equipped to share Jesus’s love with the world.

See you in worship,

Pastor Walt